Muti-channel hassle-free game promotion

IDC Games offers developers multiple promotional channels to increase their games discoverability and gain users.

In-platform promotion

Developers can increase visibility and discoverability within the platform with our native ads and featured games section.

Influencer campaigns

IDC Games works with top video gaming influencers to launch marketing campaigns within their channels at the developer's request. Developers can easily define their audience & objectives, and choose from a wide range of gaming influencers to review their game. For more information on the influencer affiliate program, check out our Influencers section.

Digital marketing

Developers can task IDC Games with the setup and management of advertising campaigns at Twitch, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google's advertising network, for titles that are published at the platform.

We can take care of the whole advertising process: design the advertising materials, set up and manage the advertising campaigns, and monitor & opimize campaign performance.

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