What is IDC Games

IDC Games is an online game platform and downloadable launcher focused on independent PC games

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IDC Games for developers

The platform offers game developers content delivery, digital rights management (DRM), user registration, in-game payment solutions, loyalty programs, eSports integration, video streaming solutions, live chat, advanced game options (shop, events, in-game items, promo codes, vouchers), and a customer support system, for all its published games.

IDC Games supports free to play, freemium and paid games of all genres, with no limitations: action games, RPGs, simulation games, sports games, indie games, puzzle games, and more.

IDC Games for players

When it comes to players, IDC Games is an online PC game store with a downloadable launcher, where end users can find and play games, build and customize their gaming profile, engage with a community of gamers, stay informed with news, guides, gameplay videos, events, tournaments and leagues of their favorite games, and receive technical support.

IDC Games for content creators

IDC Games provides both game developers and content creators with tools that ease the collaboration between brands and gaming influencers and is developing a solution to enable live streaming of game champions into de platform.

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