Game page

The game page is really a dedicated group of pages for a given game (both at the website and launcher). Click to see example.

The game's home page features the following sections:

  • The Game: name, promotional images and texts, PLAY NOW button;

  • Introduction: basic game info: languages, system requirements, categories, number of players, long description, promotional trailer, and gameplays. By clicking on "Gameplays" the gameplay subpage is opened;

  • News: latest news about the game. By clicking on "News" the news subpage is opened, which features information on upcoming tournaments, in-game events, promotions, discounts, patch notes, maintenance and server issues;

  • Reviews: analysis and reviews;

  • Guides: patch notes, guides, tutorials. By clicking on "Guides" the guides subpage is opened.

  • Forums: forum and support. By clicking on "Forum" or "Support", the forum/support subpages are opened, respectively.

  • Media: media (artwork, videos, screenshots). By clicking on "Media" the media subpage is opened.

  • Shop: shop link. By clicking on "Go to Shop" the shop subpage is opened.

  • Social media: social media links.

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