Distribute your Game with IDC Games

Publishing your games at www.idcgames.com is a quick and easy process that gives you access to a huge set of publishing services and tools that help you to distribute your game to end users.

By distributing a game at IDC Games, developers gain instant acces to:

  • A dedicated page for each and every one of your games, both at the Website and at the IDC Games Launcher;

  • A dedicated game shop for each title (if needed), both at the website and at the launcher;

  • A log in system to control player's access to your game;

  • An anti-piracy system to protect your games from illegal distribution;

  • A payment system for you to monetise your game in 250+ countries;

  • Multiple promotion channels available, both free and paid.

Start your developer journey on IDC Games by sending an email to publish@idcgames.com and take advantage of all our publishing services!

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